Feransis (he/him) finds his fascination to create things on paper, such as drawing, watercolor painting, and especially making collages – due to the nature of paper as the most accessible medium for him.

He found the joy of making collages in 2018. Gradually, he has been trying to keep exploring and experiencing every possibility in the collage-making process. Later, he also explores digital collages and 3D objects using his office computer as an extension of his journey in collage-making.

Favorite subjects that mostly appear in his works are comic and cartoon characters, because of his love for reading and collecting comic books, and the vibrant colors he sees on cartoon characters. He uses those comic and cartoon materials and arranges them in meticulous cut and paste techniques that result in a funny and weird composition.

He has been exhibited both in Indonesia and abroad. His first solo exhibition was held in Jakarta in June 2021. Entitled “Tertawa Terbahak-bahak Walau Kekhawatiran Selalu Mengintai Dari Sela-sela Gigi” (“Laughing Out Loud Even Though Worries Always Lurk Between My Teeth”), this exhibition focused on his collage-making process as a coping mechanism from work fatigue, and society’s bizarre behavior.

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Feransis is a member of Lab Laba-Laba (Indonesia-based artist collective that focused on experiments with celluloid medium) and The Collage Club (an international collage collective).

Curriculum Vitae

Feransis (Fransiskus Adi Pramono)
Born 1987


Graduated from Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, Indonesia,
Faculty of Social and Political Science, in 2012.




Tertawa Terbahak-bahak Walau Kekhawatiran Selalu Mengintai dari Sela-Sela Gigi” – Sunset Limited, Jakarta, Indonesia



“I WANT MORE DETAILED INFORMATION” – C on Temporary, Bandung, Indonesia
“NOW” – Ruci Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Project/Forward: 2049” – Micro Galleries’ projection, Chiang Mai, Thailand
“HARIAN WARGA” – 7Shades Coffee, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Junk Drawer” – presented by Superchief Gallery NFT, The Oculus, New York City, United States and NFC Summit Main Stage, Lisbon, Portugal
“Blurred Vision” – Hasaka
, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Limited Fair” – Sunset Limited, Jakarta, Indonesia

“HEARTS OF DARKNESS” – Studio 22nya, Jakarta, Indonesia


“Shape Shifting” – A Space Amongst Us (ASAU), Jakarta, Indonesia
“FANDOMINIUM” – ketemu.org, online exhibition
“Keep The Fire On #8: Are You Gonna Be My Jolly …?” – SURVIVE!Garage, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Salone del Sneakers: In collaboration with Wormhole and supported by Vans Indonesia” – C on Temporary, Bandung, Indonesia and Sunset Limited, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Collage Garden Jakarta” – Jakarta, Indonesia
“Layangan Jatuh, Langit Terbang: Folk in the Present” – Rumah Tangga, Depok, Indonesia
“Omnispace Humming at Home Project” – Zeitraumexit, Mannhein, Germany
Greetings From Paradox a Krack! Postcard Project” – Krack! Printmaking Studio, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


“Sharp Hands Summer 2020 Showcase” – Sharp Hands Gallery, online exhibition, (click here for the link)

“Mini Collage Garden Jakarta” – Jakarta, Indonesia
“From The Sewers: a TMNT Inspired Exhibition” – Ben Frost Gallery, Victoria, Australia


“Ruci Art Space’s Booth” – Art Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

“2D|3D: Interaction|Intersection” – Ruci Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Project Mei’s Soft Launch” – Art Moments Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

“No Humans Allowed” – Duo exhibition with Onijiri Klash – Ruang Karya Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Teman Sepetualangan – Lab Laba Laba Merespon Kuldesak” – Aksara, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Bila Lapar Melukis” – Omnispace, Bandung, Indonesia

“Art at WTC” – WTC building, Jakarta, Indonesia


“Got Paper?” – Ruci Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Paradox” – Lawangwangi Art Space, Bandung, Indonesia

“Post (IT) Modernism” – Gore Street Cafe, Ontario, Canada


“Artist’s Proof: Pembuktianku” – Omnispace’s Booth at Art Stage Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Getok Tular 2: Lamunanku” – Omnispace, Bandung, Indonesia


“Reimagining Heartbreak” – Post Santa, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Mereklamekan Pelem” – APA Space, Jakarta, Indonesia


“Getok Tular” – Omnispace, Bandung, Indonesia

“Ok. Video” – Collaboration with Ika Vantiani, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Pameran Lab Laba-Laba” – Perum Produksi Film Negara, Jakarta, Indonesia


“WWF – Nasib Gajah” – Car Free Day, Jakarta, Indonesia


“The Other I” – Galeri Padi, Bandung, Indonesia

“Beyond Photography” – With Riset Indie, Ciputra Artpreneur, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Project #00” – Galeri Soemardja, Bandung, Indonesia